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Since 1993

How it works:

If you just watched our 10 minute video than hopefully you have a good idea of how we here at Curtis Capital Corporation (NMLS #1761076) will get you the wholesale interest rate for your mortgage. Whether you are looking to buy a home or refinance, we can help you get the lowest possible interest rate no matter what your situation. The Loan Cop provides the wholesale interest rate to all of our Law Enforcement, First Responders, and US military Veteran clients. Here are a couple of more things we do to make the mortgage process easy and hassle free. Contact us anytime to talk about your specific needs and we will get you on the right track to home ownership and financial success.

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Technology Driven

Hey, technology is making everything better, faster and cheaper, so why not mortgages. All our wholesale lenders offer online loan applications, online document submissions, online signatures, so lets make this process easy and get it done, faster and cheaper.

Pick Your Interest Rate

Why are you letting some loan officer or bank tell you what interest rate you should get? You should be getting the wholesale interest rate, not some “marked up” retail interest rate that every other bank, lender, or broker will give you. You put your life on the line to help others the least we can do is help you get the wholesale interest rate on a mortgage. How’s that for freedom?

Saving You Cash

It’ll be like saving a huge bag of money. No processing fees, no underwriting fees. By giving you the wholesale interest rate you will avoid all of those fees and save yourself thousands of dollars.

Since 1993

What's types of loans are available?


Our wholesale lenders offer virtually every type of home mortgage. They can provide you with a loan to buy a home, refinance or take cash out. They offer fixed rate, adjustable rate mortgages, FHA, and VA loans.  To better understand  the various types of home loans available you can check out our Mortgage Learning Center by clicking here.

Next Steps...

So you’re wondering what to do next? If you’d like to discuss your loan options or see how much you may qualify for, we can set up a time to for you to chat with a licensed loan consultant to answer your questions, no selling, no pressure, just simple, honest answers. So get started now, just click the red button and then get the lowest interest rate available today!

More About Us

The Loan Cop website is a mortgage brokerage and information website specifically created to give real estate and mortgage deals to Police Officers, Law Enforcement, First Responders and US Military Veterans. These real estate deals include the lowest interest rate available. If you watched our 10 minute video hopefully you understand how we will get you the wholesale interest rate, not a marked up “retail” interest rate. The Loan Cop is owned and operated by Curtis Capital Corporation (NMLS #1761076 and CA DRE  #02066212),  its founder, Brook Johnson, is a current police officer. This is the first mortgage brokerage corporation and Real Estate broker that was established specifically to provide real estate and mortgage discounts and deals to Police Officers and First Responders, and US Military Veterans.  Our partner website provides full service real estate broker services, representing both buyers and sellers of real estate in Southern California. We offer unparalleled discounts and commissions to our Police Officer and First responder clients. Please contact us to discuss your real estate and mortgage needs.

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